Sunday, September 26, 2010

wk10 overall

Day 1~track repeats

day2~no run

day 3~long run, 5 miles with the girls

This week got kinda messed up. Taylor was in full force with softball this week in the evenings and I guess I spent my mornings being selfish. Lately, I have been doing day 2's run on Friday after I pick the kids up from school, well that was not in the making for me this week. I hurt my back Thursday night when I was teaching bootcamp, I think I may have gotten a little ambitious with the weights, so I paid for that dearly. By Friday morning I was in some serious pain. I worked it out for 2 days, and then went for Sunday's run despite the fact that it was still hurting. I think the run may have helped it though, I noticed that it was only a little sore by the time we were done.

I could definently tell that I missed a run this week. These runs are so crucial to my routine. I felt strong through the 1st 3 miles, even mile 4 was ok. Mile 5 seemed to last forever, I mean really, F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!!! But I made it and that's all that matters!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 mile & GORGEOUS weather!!!

Run Less, Run Faster Week 9 Day 3~Long run

Today's goal was to make this a good run, that's all I wanted. I got exactly what I had hoped for.....great friends, awesome weather, and put in my first 5 mile run of the season. You could definently tell the difference in the weather today. The air pockets that we were hitting were an absolute dream!!!! Let's just hope that this continues :) The first 3 miles were pretty strong if I do say so myself. Mile 4 was ok, but by mile 5 my legs were DONE!!!! It took all that I had to get to my fast friends who were patiently waiting. God love them because they are ALWAYS waiting on me.
The Race 4 the Cure is officially 2 weeks away! I'm not nervous about this at all. This particular run is more for the experience than a PR. There are so many people that attend this race and you spend so much time weaving on and out of people. I have always loved this race just for what it is. It makes me appreciate being a strong woman, and it is just all over emotional & I love it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gonna try this again!

So, I have started training again, & I have been successful thus far. I am in week nine of the Run Less, Run Faster training program. I must say that I absolutely LOVE this program! It has me at three run per week. The first run is track repeats, then it's tempo, and the last is a long run.

I found my blog again, and I thought it was kind of funny because I think I stared blogging at this time year after Race for the Cure, Tampa. I have been keeping track of my training faithfully by writing notes on my facebook. I was catching up on my blog reading with Christy and Teresa's and decided I would give this a shot again.

This week I have started week 9, and I did day 1 of the training.
10 minute warm up
6x400's @ 923
400 RI in between each one
10 minute cooldown

This was a pretty successful run, I felt pretty good throughout the entire run. This took me 44 minutes and I did 4 miles. I am trying to keep in mind that I walked for about 3 minutes in the warm up and maybe one or two during the cooldown. All in all, it's ALL GOOD!

Today I will probably do my tempo run and then Sunday will be my usual long run with the girls!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Short tempo run 10/14/09

1 mile warmup @ 11:15 pace
2 miles @ 10:20 pace
.5 mile cooldown

I feel really good about this run today. It wasn't half as bad as I have made it out to be in the past few posts. I think it is all a mental thing. I did have one minor gliche though. The mill decided to stop on me @ 30 minutes. I couldn't believe it I didn't have much longer to go & it was telling me my time was up. What's up with that?!?!? was all good & I finished what I needed to. I did walk for about 1 minute at mile 1.5, but from there out was pretty good.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Run less, Run Faster

So glad to start this program. I really think it will help me with my time. We shall see!

The program is doing 3 key runs a week. No more than that! I always thought that in order for me to run well i would have to run atleast 5 days/week. So this is good. This is a 12 week program which will take my training all the way to December 28th. This is going to be a huge commitment with the holidays & all. I will do this though.

Todays run: Track repeats
10-20 min warm up
8 x 400's with a 400 rest interval 9:23 pace
10 minute cooldown

I did not really do a warm up , because I didn't have much time. I know this is terriblem but I was determined.
I'm not gonna lie the pace was a little challenging, but it was good I think I need the challenge. The first 2 or 3 sets I felt great. I did a light jog for the rest interval. For repeat 4 I was getting
a little tired but still pushing. By the time I got to repeat 5 I realized I wasn't going to be able to finish because I had to go teach my class. So I started repeat 5 and my left knee was a little achey. Not unusual for me, but not pleasant either. So after 30 secinds I stopped & walked for about a minute. I WAS NOT GIVING UP! I started back up & finished repeat 5 in 2 minutes.

1 minute warm up
5 repeats @ 9:23 pace
cooldown was minimal because of class
Total time on mill was 30 minutes.

I really need to figure out how to use the mill correctly. I think Christy is going to give me a lesson tomorrow night!

Race for the Cure 5k October 3, 2009

I absoltely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this race!!!!!!! It is so inspirational & truly an empowering race.

Me and my girls decided we would make this an EVENT. Hopefully a tradition. The girls consisted of me, Kelly & Melissa, and later my sis-in-law Jillian met up with us. We started off by going out to dinner friday night and doing a little shopping. It was really nice to just be able to hang with the girls. After our shopping excursion we ventured to downtown St. Pete where we stayed the night. Again another fun time to just hang & bond~! We tried to make it an early night. I think we were asleep by 1130 or so & then Jill got there around 1230. Poor Jill...she called me to open the door & I just went back to bed. No chit chat I was tired.

Started off great! We all got up early & walked down to the Vinoy. I was a little crabby on the walk down to the Vinoy, but I was still tired. Once we got there everything changed. Just to see the set up, all the volunteers, & just be able to take in the scenery. I think we forget how blessed we are to live in Florida. It was absolutely amazing to be able to get stretched out with the sunrise. It was so relaxing & mesmorizing. OKKKK, let's fast forward~~~~~~~~~~~~

1hour before race~
I wasn't nervous just doing my usual. Ya know...let's pee 50 t imes before race starts!

AND WE're Off!!!!!!
NOT!!! Holy crap, there was soooo many people there. I think people should be informed of race etiquitte. The girls & I started back by the 10min/mile marker, which I thought was appropriate. It took us about 5 and a half minutes to get from our marker to the start line!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous. That totally messed up my finish time!

Anyways, the run went really well. My goal for this race was to be run almost all of it even I had to run at a slow pace. I did pretty good if I do say so myself. I walked only 3 times and for very short periods. Christy (anotehr good friend) always tells me I don't really rest because I alk so fast. But I felt really good while running this race. The best race I've ever run. I was on the last leg of the race rounded the corner & saw the finish line in the distance. There was no way in hell I was quitting now. When I got to the last stretch around the corner I hauled ass like i never have before. It felt really good.

I was a little disappointed in my finish time 40 minutes. THAT SUCKS!!!! But the website for the company said the times were not accurate because it was a gunshot start. WHATEVER!
I had my watch so I started when we crossed the start line. So I finished in 34:24 according to my watch.

Nothing to write home about but it is still an accomplishment.

Like I said, this was an inspriring & empowering race, & I felt SOO blessed to run it with very good friends & family!

Why do I always write books?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oktoberfest beer run 5k-Sept 26th.

Sounds fun, huh? Not so much.

I want to start off by saying that I have the most wonderful husband, who decided to stay with me for encouragment instead of leaving my ass in the dust ;P

This race was down near Dunedin Brewery on the Pinellas Trail. That's right a race on the PInellas Trail. Seriously who does that? It sounded really good when we signed up. Free beer, free mug, free dry fit shirt & food. But there were many things that were not mentioned. BUt, I am getting off track. There was four of us running: myself, Josh, my bro-Ryan, & sis-in-law-Jillian. Jill & Ryan stayed out front & JOsh & I hung out back. The race itself was rather unorganized & a little confusing. There was nothing indicating when you were starting, you just started to see the stampede coming towards you. SO, we took off at a faster pace than normal, and to be honest with ya I think that set the tone for the race. I know what I am capable of & it is not a fast pace. This was an out & back course on the tiny trail. So it was a little chaotic, but that's ok. We got about a mile in & I didn't feel terrible but just blech. If you know me you know what my blech feels like. It seemed like it took forever for the turnaround/water station to come upon us!!!!!!! When we did get there it was almost a standstill because we were giving shot glass sized cups of some nasty water, but everyone was hogging the table. Oh well, so we started running again. I started to notice that it was REALLY dark out, & I mean DARK! I did not care for this it all, it was kind of creepy & there was nothing to focus on. I guess I just like the scenic runs. We're kinda spoiled living in Florida. Oh & did I mention that every 40 or so feet we had to cross over a crosswalk where we met with obnoxious flashing lights from cop cars. Not good is all i can say. You are gonna love this, Josh knows that when I get discouraged I just need someone to whoop my ass into shape, so he says to me you have 2 more short walks & you're done, running the rest of the way. I <3 him. I think this whole race just threw me off my game, but I am so HAPPY that I had him there with me. Another thing not to love about the race was because it was so dark you couldn't even see where the heck the finish line was. WHO DOES THAT!!!!!!! So, he kept saying we're almost there about 30 times when we weren't. FINALLY....I could see the numbers on the clock so I hauled my ass to the finish line to be met with nothing. THAT"S RIGHT~NO WATER!!!! You had to walk down to the street to go get your water, & I mean literally down the street.

So, all in all, not my favorite race, not my best race, but it is another race under my belt. This has taught me a few things about myself & about Josh. It taight me that I need to not give up on myself because had I not given up I could've finished in the time I wanted to & proved myself. I guess it didn't really teach me anything about Josh, more or less reminded me of why I married him. He showed me he is in this 100% WITH me. He is encouraging & I just love him.

So, final race ready for this.....35:36........1 minute slower than IRONGIRL!
Oh well, I gotta work out my schedule for training.